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A Better Life Recovery is an integrated drug and alcohol addiction treatment center located in Orange County, California serving adult men. We Offer One of the Most Highly Regarded and Comprehensive addiction treatment programs in the United States. We design comprehensive, individualized treatment plans depending on each clients specific situation. Our clinical protocol includes four fundamental components:

1. Group & Individual Addiction Counseling:
It is essential that our clients confront their drug and alcohol addiction openly and honestly. We believe the best way to do so is through a combination of group psychotherapy and individual counseling. Our certified “CAADAC” drug and alcohol addiction counselors possess extensive experience working with recovering addicts and are among the best in the industry.

2. Individualized Course of Therapy:
Traditional addiction treatment often fails to address trauma-related and other mental/emotional health disturbances that are best treated in an individual setting with a skilled therapist. Our program includes weekly one-on-one therapy sessions with experienced licensed therapists who have earned Master’s degrees or above in their field.

3. Psychiatric Oversight/ Medical Strategies
We provide onsite consultation and oversight with a psychiatrist and other medical professionals. We believe in using the best tools offered by modern medicine when such strategies are called for by a medical diagnosis. This may include prescriptions for non-addictive medications. We do not approve or accept the use of methadone, suboxone, benzodiazepines or any other habit-forming substances in our treatment.

4. Healthy Mind, Body and Spirit
Our program includes a wide variety of health-oriented activities and guidance, including free gym memberships for all clients and daily trips to the gym, proper nutrition and hygiene instruction, instruction in yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques and regular involvement in healthy activities and enrichment outings.

Our core belief is that building “A Better Life” means:

  • spiritual connection
  • inner peace
  • self-respect
  • honest employment
  • good health
  • fun pursuits
  • community involvement
  • loving relationships

Finding a strong sense of purpose and meaning in life is the unifying theme that permeates our approach to treatment.

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